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Adam Burton

Adam is one of the UK’s leading landscape photographers and a hugely experienced and enthusiastic workshop leader. 

A professional photographer, tutor and author with over fifteen years experience working within the landscape photography industry, Adam has photographed many of the world's beautiful natural areas, but specialises in UK landscapes.

Prior to turning professional in 2008, Adam worked for a variety of organisations spanning 20 years, much of which involved delivering training to groups and individuals. For the past 10 years he has been leading photography workshops and tours both in the UK and overseas.

Entirely self-taught, Adam’s style has developed organically through photographing the wide variety of landscapes and seascapes found within the UK. His bold, colourful landscape photographs are always in demand and his client list includes many prestigious organisations such as National Geographic, Ford and The AA.

With an emphasis on in-camera technique, rather than post capture manipulation, Adam captures the landscape authentically in his beautiful and atmospheric images.

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